Procurement outsourcing in Croatia

Procurement outsourcing in Croatia

Procurement outsourcing in Croatia

Cronata Ltd is a procurement consulting company which offers procurement outsourcing in Croatia. In order to offer best solutions for its clients Cronata Ltd offers different procurement outsourcing services.

In September 2016, Cronata carried out a survey among Croatian companies to explore a trend of outsourcing services in Croatia. Results of the survey were published in a large number of media. Below is an excerpt from the article which was published at the Total Croatia News.

Outsourcing becoming more widespread in Croatia

More and more companies decide to outsource their non-core operations. Croatian companies are increasingly recognizing the benefits of outsourcing, mostly in the areas of cleaning, maintenance services and information technology, while avoiding them for procurement, sales and administrative jobs, according to a survey carried out by Cronata and BNB Sklad on a sample of 60 companies, reports Lider on September 5, 2016.

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